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ACH Payments and Direct Deposit

Republic makes it easy for you to automatically deposit funds through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. ACH payments allow your company to initiate direct deposit of payroll, pay vendors, and make tax payments. Save time and eliminate the cost of paper checks by sending payments electronically.

Annual Education

ACH Debit Block

ACH Debit Block will help protect your business against unauthorized ACH transactions. ACH Debit Block allows you to block all electronic drafts or specify which companies are authorized to post debits to your accounts while automatically blocking those that are not authorized.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay allows your company to initiate check payments electronically using Republic’s PayPlus Online. With Bill Pay, you can set up recurring payments and pay bills from multiple accounts.

Commercial Credit Card

In a challenging economic environment, companies must be especially resourceful to monitor and control expenses. You need the flexibility of a powerful business tool to manage all your business, including travel, procurement, or other day-to-day expenses that arise.

Positive Pay

With Positive Pay, your company can provide a list of issued checks to Republic, and checks that are presented for payment will be matched against the check issue file before final payment.  Unmatched items are flagged as exceptions and referred back to your company for a pay or return decision.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer Services provide the ability to move funds between financial institutions quickly and conveniently. Your company may initiate wire transfers in multiple ways - in person, via facsimile, or online.

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