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The relationship you build with your bank can be as important as the rate being offered. At Republic, we take time to know you, understand your needs, and work with you to make your financial life simpler and more secure. 

Accounts Receivable Financing

Through our combined efforts with Business Manager®, we can help small businesses:

  • Maintain dependable cash flow
  • Improve payment habits to suppliers
  • Take advantage of early-pay and volume discounts from suppliers
  • Purchase important equipment
  • Pay off existing debt
  • Establish a retirement fund
  • Hire more staff

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Business Lending

With all the sophistication and capacity of a larger financial institution coupled with the responsiveness and dedication of a local bank, we offer a full array of financing services including:

  • Working capital lines of credit
  • Term loans for capital expansion
  • Equipment loans and leases
  • Accounts receivable and inventory financing
  • Letters of credit
  • Tax incentive financing
  • Structured financing for full and partial recapitalizations
  • Acquisition financing

We have a dedicated group of experienced Relationship Managers who structure financing solutions to meet your company’s needs. Our consultative approach along with local credit authority allows us to evaluate your financing request promptly and deliver a speedy decision.

Convenient visits to your company allow our Bankers to advise you on all aspects of corporate finance services including:

  • Financial planning and modeling
  • Industry comparisons
  • Business valuations
  • Advice on the sale of your business
  • Business ownership succession services
  • Interest rate risk management (including caps, collars, forward rate commitments, and other derivative products)

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Business Real Estate

Our real estate professionals have decades of local experience. We offer a full range of acquisition and development loans, construction loans, and permanent loans with features that include:

  • Construction loans structured to fit the particular transaction, with terms covering the project from pre-development though disposition.
  • Permanent financing with terms as long as seven years, generally amortized over 20 years. Pricing can be fixed for as long as five years through interest rate protection products, including caps, collars, etc., to manage your interest rate risk.
Financed Real Estate Projects include:
  • Development
  • Multi-family
  • Owner-occupied business real estate
  • Investor-owned business real estate
  • Special purpose properties

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Lease Financing

Leasing has become the financing vehicle of choice for many business owners. We have developed a commercial leasing program for quick, convenient, and flexible lease arrangements. After all, your company makes money by using equipment, not owning it. In fact, you can take advantage of tax benefits and reduce the risk of obsolescence.

Why lease from Republic?

  • Better Terms
    Because we care about your personal success and the success of your business, we can probably offer you better terms than other leasing agents. A traditional leasing company may only be interested in the success and profit of the individual lease transaction.
  • Conserve Working Capital
    Leasing is the perfect solution for businesses that want to conserve working capital or that plan to expand. With our lease program, payment options are tailored to meet your business demands and cash flow needs, plus variable terms are available for new or used equipment. When you lease equipment, you’re not tying up your cash. Keep your working capital free for other uses; not tied up in fixed assets.
  • Freedom of Leasing
    Leasing provides greater flexibility than purchasing and can protect you from being locked into owning equipment that may not meet your future needs. Your needs will change, technology will improve, and with leasing, you can upgrade your equipment within the lease term. When the term is up, you have several options – renew your lease at a greatly reduced payment amount, purchase the equipment, or return the equipment.

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Republic Visa® Business Credit Card

In a challenging economic environment, business owners must be especially resourceful. A Republic Bank & Trust Visa® Business Credit Card can help you monitor and control expenses.

Learn More About Republic's Business Credit Cards

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Small Business Administration (SBA)

We are an approved SBA Lender. If you have big plans for your small business, we are ready to help you achieve your dreams. So whether you’re ready to increase inventory, purchase new equipment, expand your business, or make other big improvements, you’ll find we make the loan process a little easier and stress free.

Secured and unsecured to meet a variety of short-term financing needs including:
  • Inventory purchases
  • Seasonal purchases
  • Short-term working capital
  • Accounts receivable financing
Also available are term loans for long-term borrowing needs such as:
  • Equipment and fixture purchases
  • Refinancing existing debt
  • Long-term working capital
  • Multi-draw loans
  • Expenditures that will occur over a short period of time
  • Loans to be paid back over a predetermined period of time

Let our Bankers help you find ways to grow your business.

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