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At Republic, we continually strive to keep your money safe. Below, learn some of the ways we are working for you and actions you can take to keep your information secure.

What You Should Know About Bank Card Skimming

What is Skimming?
Skimming is the unlawful practice of affixing a device to a card reader on an ATM or gas station pump to ‘skim’ credit or debit card information. The skimmer blends in with the existing equipment well enough that unsuspecting consumers do not notice it.

It’s a big problem, but you can help protect your card by following a few simple tips:

How to Prevent Skimming

  • Protect Your Personal Identification Number (PIN). 
    Always shield the view of your hand when entering your PIN in an ATM machine or merchant processing device should there be an unseen camera.

  • Change your PIN. 
    If you suspect your PIN has been seen or obtained, changing your PIN will prevent the unauthorized user from obtaining cash.

  • If the machine you’re using looks suspicious, don’t use it.
    Criminals often put skimmers on gas pumps or ATM machines located the farthest from the building.
    Give the reader a good tug or shake as it is often adhered with double-sided tape or glue.
  • Turn ‘off’ your card if you suspect you have been skimmed. 
    You can turn off your Republic bank card in our Mobile App, or you can contact us here or by calling (405) 360-5369 to turn off your card.

  • Pay attention to your account.
    Visit Republic Online® daily to check the transactions on your account. You’ll see immediately if there are any unauthorized transactions.

  • When shopping, use your Republic Check Card with EMV technology.
    EMV refers to cards with computer chips. These cards utilize a higher level of security because their data changes with each transaction.

  • Enroll in our Guardian Fraud Text Alerts here .
    With Guardian, we’ll send you a text if any uncommon activity occurs on your card.

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Report Lost or Stolen Republic Check Card or Credit Card

  • Republic MasterCard® Check/ATM Card - Call (866) 546-8273
  • Republic Visa® Credit Card, Fraud Assistance - Call (866) 604-0381 or (800) 325-3678
  • Credit Card Customer Service - Call (800) 423-7503
  • PrePaid Money Cards - Call (800) 416-6373

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FREE Guardian Fraud Text Alerts Graphic of speech bubble with the words "Stay Alert"
Keep tabs on your bank account 24/7. Your Republic MasterCard® Check Card is eligible for Guardian Fraud Text Alerts, an alert system that sends you a text if you have any unusual account activity (example: out-of-state or card-not-present transactions).
Enroll Now or  Learn More

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