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Picture of William Murray of Montford InnWilliam Murray

“Running an inn and running a bank can be very similar. We both take care of people, and we both try to provide a special kind of experience for our customers.

 The Bankers at Republic know me, like I try to know our guests. That gives me an extreme comfort level as a Republic Bank customer.

James Harp understands my business and its cycles. With his help, I can find, understand, and use the financial services and products I need to make each day more successful. Republic’s Business Check Card is one of those products. It not only helps us expedite and track our purchases, it actually rewards us for using it.

Personally and in business, you surround yourself with a team–people who want the best for you and believe in you. Republic is a part of the Murray team. No matter the situation, we can count on them to be there. They are always ready to help us realize our dreams for our business and our future.”