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Picture of Skye Diers and Jana Atkins from Gingerbread Nursery SchoolSkye Diers

“Gingerbread Nursery School is unique because we truly let children be children. For 42 years, we’ve known that preschoolers learn by doing, so we make ‘learning memories.’ For instance, children don’t want to color a picture of a bunny; they want to feed the bunny a carrot, take it out, and pet it.

Whether we’re petting bunnies or climbing trees, we’re somewhat well known in our approach. We know that being ‘hands-on’ is what makes the difference. We build things, go outside every day for fresh air and nature, and take lots of field trips, especially in our summer program.

Transportation is particularly important to our activities here. Two summers ago, when our bus broke down, we were looking at 10 more weeks without a dependable way to get places. I knew we couldn’t go the summer without a new bus, so I called Jana. Jana is someone who always looks for a way to provide solutions; she’s a ‘can-do’ person. In everything we’ve done together to build this business, she has helped find ways to make things happen.

Gingerbread strives to build real relationships with our children and their families. We always have the child’s best interest at heart. I feel the same way about Jana and Republic Bank. They put the best interests of my business above everything else. They, too, are ‘hands-on’ when it comes to finding a way to make things happen.

Banking at Republic has shown me that there is truly a connection between what they say they are about and what they do. They make it their priority to build relationships with their customers and with the community.”